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A double chin can add years and pounds to your appearance, and the area under your jaw is nearly impossible to exercise and tighten. Fortunately, Billy Ledbetter, MD, and the team of aesthetic specialists at L-Aesthetics & Longevity in Bee Cave, Texas, provide the revolutionary Kybella® injections to reduce the pocket of submental fat that gives you a double chin. Call the practice or make an appointment online to learn how Kybella can make you look younger and slimmer.

Kybella Q & A

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a prescription medication injected into the submental fat under your chin. Kybella is formulated to mimic the stomach acid that breaks down fat in the food you consume. Kybella is FDA-approved to destroy fat cells in your submental area.

What causes a double chin?

Both men and women struggle with double chins. While your weight contributes to excess fat all over your body, you don’t need to be overweight to have submental fullness. In fact, sometimes no matter how much you diet and exercise, your double chin won’t go away.

This is because in most cases, your genetics and the aging process create your double chin, not your overall level of body fat. As your skin loses elasticity, it can droop and sag, causing your double chin to appear, and some people are genetically more likely to carry fat in the submental area.

Who is a good candidate for Kybella?

If you’re unhappy or self-conscious about your double chin and feel like it makes you look older and heavier than you are, Kybella is an excellent option. Kybella is also suitable if you don’t want to have surgery to reduce the fat around your jaw and chin. You should be in overall good health and be close to your ideal body weight for Kybella to be optimally effective.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a bile acid that helps your body break down and absorb fat during the digestive process. When your aesthetic specialist injects Kybella into your submental fat, it breaks down the structure of your fat cells. Then your body processes and removes the damaged cells with other waste products.

What should I expect during a Kybella treatment?

Your aesthetic specialist provides a detailed consultation prior to starting Kybella injections. They examine your submental area to ensure Kybella is right for you. Then, they cleanse your skin and make the injections. The number of injections depends on the size of your double chin.

You should notice a difference within a few weeks after your first treatment as your body needs time to process and remove the damaged fat cells. However, most patients need between 2-6 appointments to achieve their desired results.

If you’re ready to get rid of your double chin for good, call the L-Aesthetics & Longevity or schedule an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary.